Apollo’s PathPACS® solution is designed to meet the most challenging requirements for managing a wide spectrum of digital Pathology images and data in today’s Pathology laboratory.

Simply stated, Apollo's PathPACS offers the following benefits...

In the evolving world of digital pathology, many healthcare organizations are seeking a digital solution to meet their existing need for productivity and efficiency while also providing a pathway capable of supporting emerging digital technologies. Apollo’s PathPACS® solution is designed to meet the most challenging requirements for managing a wide spectrum of digital data and information in today’s laboratory environment.

With a keen eye toward developing solutions that increase laboratory productivity, PathPACS® offers pathologists and other laboratory professionals, a high degree of flexibility in how images and related case information are managed and viewed.  Not only does PathPACS® increase user productivity through effective management of clinical multimedia data, it also provides a user-defined environment where patient data residing in other systems may also be easily accessed and managed.

Is your Pathology Department seeking a solution that is easily adoptable to maximize your departmental workflow and create a greater overall value for your institution? If so, Apollo PathPACS® can bring to your department many exciting and innovative capabilities.  With Apollo’s PathPACS® you gain the ability to leverage or extend the life of your legacy investment and the ability to optimize access to patient data and images.

PathPACS® can be the pathway for experiencing many of the valuable benefits digital pathology can provide you, your colleagues, and above all else your patients.

Easy access to patient data and images – finding what you’re looking for has never been easier

Enhanced  annotation and imaging tools – robust tools available to better communicate critical information 

Scalable to meet your organizational needs – implement what you need today while knowing you can expand to meet future requirements

Secure and private data storage – 4-layer security stack with patient class security levels to ensure both data and image security

Data and image acquisition from multiple sources – ability to manage standards based information (HL7, DICOM, etc.) and multimedia data and information (JPG, TIF, TWAIN, etc.)

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