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Apollo Rebrands Apollo EPMM to arcc

“We have rebranded our existing enterprise imaging solution, Apollo EPMM, and expanded its capabilities. arcc, the autonomous repository for clinical content, is a more descriptive brand which encompasses and conveys a full understanding of the comprehensive functionality our solution provides to each of our users,” stated Mark Newburger, President & CEO of Apollo. “By creating a product that focuses on the customer as opposed to industry needs, Apollo is redefining the capabilities of the VNA. Our solution supports and manages Radiology and Cardiology images as well as anyone, but arcc was originally built as a platform to support all non-DICOM specialties.”

One of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations today is the task of blending data, information, and technology required to improve workflow within the clinical environment.

Apollo’s open-system solutions address this challenge by providing secure access and management of all clinical multimedia content within the healthcare delivery system, network or institution as part of the Electronic Health Record.

When we recognized the challenge our clinicians were up against, we engaged Apollo for a centrally-managed, enterprise solution that would meet clinician workflow requirements, integrate with other clinical systems and ensure secure, easy and efficient access to patient images.

– Daniela Crivianu-Gaita, CIO, The Hospital for Sick Children